Business Intelligence: The indispensable tool!

Let me ask you a question: If you’re on the way to work and realize that you forgot your cellphone at home, what you do? I bet you’ll rush back home to get it! If 20 years ago, managers were

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QlikView & Google Maps – Real Estate Demo

Using Google Maps in Real-Estate business help us to add context information to the portfolio. We can automatically calculate information like the distance from the nearest kindergarden or metro station, depending on customer requirements. Captions available in English and Romanian.


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Call VBA macro function from the load script

Let’s see how to call a macro function within the script. We will build the function “Inc()” which will increment by 1 the passed parameter and return the result to the script. In the macro editor write: function Inc(Value) Inc

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Google Maps API changed from v2 to v3

If your Google Maps objects doesn’t work anymore in QlikView, you have to change the API call to match the new V3 syntax: Old call: =’‘ &var_mid_lat&’,’&var_mid_long&’ &zoom=$(var_zoom)’&’ & maptype=’&var_maptype&’ &size=400×400’&’ &key=’&gmap_key &’.jpg’ New call: =’‘ &var_mid_lat&’,’&var_mid_long&’ &zoom=$(var_zoom)’&’ &maptype=’&var_maptype&’ &size=400×400’&’

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How to install extensions on QlikView Server

Each extension added to the QV Desktop will create a folder in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\QlikTech\QlikView\Extensions\Objects To install your Extensions on the QlikView Server, you need to copy the extension files to %ProgramData%\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\Extensions\Objects

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