My wishlist for QlikView 12 (NEXT)

In the last years, QlikTech has directed its efforts to a better user experience. That’s great but I believe it’s time for developers to get some attention. There are a lot of things that need to be further developed, as they are in a very basic stage at this moment.

So, this is my list:

Expression repository in desktop client

As it already exists in AJAX client, it would be nice to have it also in the desktop client.

Scrambling options

The inconvenience with the current scrambling option is that it makes the document pretty much unusable. I would like to randomize the values but still be able to present the document without having negative prices, for example.

Some scrambling options would be nice. Or at least, when processing numbers, use the max and min values of that field to define the range of values that will be used in the scrambling process.

Expression overview options

– Automatic syntax-check of all expressions and highlight the ones with errors

– When using “Find and replace”, the expressions matching the search should be returned to a new list for further processing. Currently they are just highlighted. You have to scroll through all the list to find them. And when you double-click on one to edit it, the highlighting is lost

– The extra “=” (equal sign) added in front of the expressions must go away. Currently, when editing you have to remove it or it will create a syntax-error (“==sum(Value)”)

– “Dropdown select” in the expressions list to filter

Variable overview options

– Automatic highlight of the variables not used (+ option to remove them)

– “Variable group” column

– “Dropdown select” in the variable list to filter

Script debugger

– Table viewer during debugging

– On-the-fly variable value change

Script editor options

– Collapsable code

– Minimize button for the fixed band located in the bottom part of the script window

–  Detachable window (very useful when using multiple monitors)

Macro editor

– Collapsable code

– A real debugger is required

– IntelliSense

Table viewer

– Search for field option

– Export table(s) to QVD option

– Highlight the fields not used (+ option to create a DROP FIELD command at the end of the script)

– Color highlight fields based on number of distinct values

– Sort fields in tables (by name, # of distinct values, …)

– Multiple tables select & move capability

–  Detachable window (very useful when using multiple monitors)

Theme editor

The theme wizard is very useful, however, I would really like a separate theme editor with a general live view of a theme

Better Report designer

I know, I know… QlikView it’s an analytical, not a reporting tool… but why not both? I believe that, with a little effort, we can provide that “pixel-perfect” report!


– The symbols in the “Number” tab should apply also on Point Values, not just on Axis Values (like it used to be in version 8)

– Increase the width of the “Properties” window, scrolling the tab names is frustrating

– Copy-paste groups of dimensions

– Copy-paste groups of expressions


– 1366 x 768 resolution option in “View” -> “Resize window” menu because it’s the most popular resolution today

– “Grid mode” option for Multibox in AJAX client

– When selecting multiple objects – the ability to change ALL common options

– When selecting multiple objects – “Find & Replace in expressions” option

This list is still open. There are some “not-so-urgent” items on it, but I believe that most of them are very useful when developing applications.


Update (Dec 2013):

Great event, great speakers, lots of info:

Two monitors were not enough to watch everything. I managed to see only a small part of the presentations, participated in 5 chat areas + 2 special speakers Q&A sessions.

What I learned:

– QlikView.NEXT looks great with a lot of new features (pinch’n’zoom / wheel to zoom into charts, partial chart with a mini-overview under it, R integration, neat “Presentation mode” feature)

– Roadmap: early beta (started in september) is closed, next step is general beta in Q1-2014 with final product delivery target in Q3-2014

– Everything is changed: file format, licensing, interface objects, interface style, development (script & engine are the same), server management, no more desktop client, no more macros

– There will be tools to import (one way only), QlikView and Expressor will know both formats (QV11 and QV.NEXT)

– Third-party tools will need to be adapted to the new changes


Happy Qliking!

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2 comments on “My wishlist for QlikView 12 (NEXT)
  1. John Morosanu says:

    for “pixel-perfect” try nprinting Lucian


  2. Ishaq says:

    A Visual Interface for selecting and assigning the keys instead of scripting (Similar to QVScriptor) more control on the metadata/symantic layer

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