Business Intelligence: The indispensable tool!

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Let me ask you a question: If you’re on the way to work and realize that you forgot your cellphone at home, what you do? I bet you’ll rush back home to get it!

If 20 years ago, managers were able to perform their jobs without Excel or cellphone, these are indispensable today. So is a Business Intelligence system. BI answers all challenges in acquiring and organizing the information. It eliminates the waste of time and resources, prevent human errors, it focus the management vision on the important aspects of the business, it delivers the information to all interested employees,  no matter the volume or complexity of the data.

Areas of impact:

Soluia.BusinessIntelligence_img2    Profitability

A Business Intelligence solution increase the profitability by assisting decisions based on accurate information, by discovering non-profitable elements, by identifying products or services cross-selling opportunities, by eliminating lost sales due to missing stocks, optimizing prices by analyzing direct and indirect costs and real-time monitoring of current values versus target.

Soluia.BusinessIntelligence_img3    Customer satisfaction

A Business Intelligence solution helps you to offer last-minute and accurate information to your customers,  to adjust your offer to market reality for a bigger customer retention and increasing services level generates bigger income by customer.

Soluia.BusinessIntelligence_img4    Operational efficiency

A Business Intelligence solution helps you improve all order-to-cash cycle, to identify weak points in company’s procedures and to optimize current operations. Increase your flexibility by reducing the response time to internal or external changes, get crucial information from company’s databases. In the same time, get the ability to drill-down through your data from a global perspective to transaction level and smart deploy resources.

 Provocri_img4    Cost cut

A Business Intelligence solution helps you get accurate information about the spending by cost centers, to identify cut opportunities, monitor acquisition, running and maintenance costs for a lower TCO, reduce data extraction and processing costs, reduce wrong or delayed information costs.    A better customer retention leads to smaller marketing costs. Analyzing information on telecommunications  and car fleet brings important savings. Through cash-flow analysis you get smaller financial costs and by optimizing stocks you get smaller cost of sales.

Soluia.BusinessIntelligence_img6    Employee productivity

A Business Intelligence solution helps you centralize all the information, therefore your employees have more available time to focus on more important aspects of their job, can get fast decisions based on accurate and actionable information and are more efficient by using multidimensional dynamic analysis instead of bi-dimensional static reports.

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